The Russian New Classical Ballet, Moscow

About us

The Russian New Classical Ballet is a company dedicated to keep the timeless traditions of pure classical Russian ballet having very high level of the art of performing and skill.

The company was founded in 2001 to unite the top quality elements of classical ballet with new ideas and views on it. The company invigorates Russian classical ballet traditions as well as accepts new developments in the dance from around the world, tries new ideas and ways.

There are a lot of ballet companies and artistic directors that forget about their individuality. It all happens because of their wish to be commercially successful. This makes the real skill into lack of it. They lose sincerity and intensity as a result they fail to create a theatre in its best meaning to bring grand traditions of the ballet art to audiences.

Very thorough work of the directors together with the dancers of The New Classical Ballet helps to distinguish the company among others. They think over a wide repertoire and enable the dancers to reach the best results in the creative development.

There are currently about twenty ballets in the repertoire of the New Classical Ballet. Such as the greatest works of M.Petipa, A.Gorsky, K.Goleyzovsky: “Don Quixet”, ”La Bayadere”, ”The Sleeping Beauty”, “Swan Lake”, “The Nutсracker”, ”Raimonda”, “Pachita”, “Silfida”, and others.

Today the company is its own institution with over 50 highly qualified dancers, many of whom have been with the company since its inception.

Their creative work together with the best Russian technique makes any performance superlative and unique and unforgettable for the viewers of any age.

Since its inception the company has successfully toured both in Russia and abroad. Active performing life hasn't deteriorated the quality of the work of the company. The time proves the company to be a lively and developing one with the dancers encouraged to realize their full potential.